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Learn to speak, listen, write and dream in French and other European languages using the unique European Academy method.

When you study with us, you will learn French language the same way you have learned your native language. You will love your experience with our personal and professional approaches.

Travel with the European Academy, discover Europe and other continents, explore each country's culture, history, music and cuisine. Discover the World of educational wonders with the European Academy.

When you travel with us, you will experience the unique culture and history of each country, great music, excellent service, expert planning and execution, first class accommodations, knowledgeable program directors & local guides, gourmet cuisine, wine tastings, and much more.

With our help you will thoroughly enjoy your experiences. You will be immersed in your new language. You will discover new horizons and new destinations. You will find the Stone of Educational Treasure.

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Diversify your experience and learn French as well as other European Languages with us.

Visit Europe and other continents with the European Academy, explore the heritage, culture, music of its people, savor the gourmet delights of every country and every region!

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